We use the power of visuals to picture Your work! We do Visual Thinking workshops, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recordings to enable people to capture and communicate complex information and insights.
Visual engagement can help you lever greater; creativity, productivity and engagement from your work.

We can help you to tell your story visually! What can we do?

Facilitation & Moderation 
Visuality designs workshops, processes and conferences using systems and design thinking principles. Our visual and participatory approach will create space for participants to see, think and interact in a meaningful way.

Graphic recording
Graphic recording is redrawing all the rules about meetings. It is the process of clarifying ideas by transcribing it in words and picturing discussions in real time. This powerful method unleashes innovation in organizations and fuels growth using words and images to capture and communicate big ideas. The graphic record is created by hand in large or small scale using using a white board or paper. Graphic Recording may also be known as Live Scribing, Visual Minutes, Visual Maps amongst other terms.

Visual storytelling
Visual storytelling (and/or visual narrative) is an increasingly important marketing practice. “The art of communicating visually in forms that can be read or looked upon”,visual storytelling emphasizes the expression of ideas and emotions through performance and aesthetics. The process of visual storytelling often begins with the creation of storyboards – written or graphical progressions helpful in organizing and developing your concept. They are often used in digital creative and commercial ad planning to solidify your visuals as attention grabbing, logical and finished.

Do you and your team want to learn more about visualization and visual thinking? Are you not exactly drawing talents, but do you think it’d be fun to do? Are you interested in a creative day with lots of inspiration and food for thought? Try out the Visual Thinking or I prove that you can draw workshop!

We believe pictures can say more other than words, see our portfolio!